Ethno Ballet

Ethno Ballet 

More than a just a dance, Ethno Ballet is a gestural philosophy, a way to exist on stage and in life through seven powerful feminine archetypes.

Ethno Ballet is intended for all women and girls from 16 years old. It is based on techniques drawing from ballet, dance therapy, improvisation and composition, using the universe of seven archetypes and various tribal and spiritual symbols such as fire, sun, earth and sky.

Dana began teaching Ethno Ballet in 2012. Since then, she has taught classes in Paris and led workshops throughout France (Lyon, Cannes, Rennes, Fontainebleau) and abroad (London, Stockholm).

All women are sisters. Uniting them in one circle, like an ancient tribe around the magic fire, is the central idea of Ethno Ballet. Each modern Woman remembering her basic instincts can hunt, ride, fight, heal, pray, control and share, and we transform all of these actions into dance!


The Hunter

Woman-animal. Courageous, passionate, enduring.

Dancing against inner fears and focusing on personal needs. The movements are dynamic, quick, expressive and virtuosic.


The Rider

Woman-wind, Woman-traveller. Space is her companion, the “horse” is her friend. She represents the ideas of totemism and animism. Working on coordination and spatial orientation.


The Amazon 

Woman-warrior. Strong, fast and solid. She attacks and protects. Working on personal power, body strength, speed, rhythm and synchronicity. Her arms are like knives, her legs are like swords!


The Shaman

Woman-healer, Woman-magician. She can heal herself and others through her improvised gestures and movements. She goes deep inside herself as if she were calling to the spirits. She can also enter in connection with others and heal all around her with her positive energy.


The Priestess


Her dance is her prayer, her movements are the sacred messages that she delivers in silence. She is very feminine and sensitive. 


The Queen

Woman-power. She can control her body, her spirit and her environment. She has a great sense of self-respect, she is confident. Her movements are big and precise. She inspires and influences others with her actions and her dance!


The Goddess 

Woman-angel. She is everywhere and nowhere. She has no weight, no colour, no odour. She shares, gives and forgives. Her movements are light, fluid and aerial. Working with balance, breath and flexibility.