Dana Mussa

 MG 0818

Dancer, choreographer, coach, dance film director, member of the UNESCO International Dance Council.


Originally from Kazakhstan, Dana decided to move to Paris in 2010 in order to fulfil her dream of becoming an international dancer and choreographer.

She studied classical ballet at Paris Opera dancer Yves Casati's private school. She also trained under Andrei Klemm (Paris Opera), Atilio Labis (Paris Opera) and Frederic Lazarelli (Mexican National Ballet) and at the National Dance Centre (CND) and at Micadanses studio.

In 2012, she obtained her MFA in dance film directing from the International Film School of Paris (EICAR).

Since a very young age, Dana has been interested in the history of nomadic tribes and their ritual dances. After many years of research, Dana decided to go beyond classical ballet and to progress further and deeper in her artistic development. This led to the creation of a new dance concept based on seven feminine archetypes taken from tribal history. This revolutionary concept represents Woman in her spiritual evolution and invites her to express herself fully through different body gestures.

In 2013, Dana founded her Ethno Ballet dance studio in Paris. Since then, she has developed a variety of offerings centred around the Ethno Ballet concept: live performances, video and photo shoots and classes and workshops in which she brings together girls and women from all dance styles and skill levels.

In parallel, Dana works with different types of artists and events as a dancer and choreographer in order to create dance pieces for all types of projects: music videos for rock bands, gallery openings, runway fashion shows, fiction films, theatre productions, art installations and more. The projects can be artistic, charitable or private. Dana creates work in classical ballet, Ethno Ballet and contemporary dance styles.